Custom Trading Tools

Are you an active forex trader and use a number of different signals to enter and exit trades. Do you want a better understanding regarding historical market reaction to certain trading setups. Trading tools analyze historical market data and compare it to current market conditions. We can design software to display custom indicators and trading alerts to aid your trading. The software can display charts and historical statistics regarding the probability of market direction in terms of stop losses and take profits you specify. Custom indicators can use machine learning to combine multiple indicators you may watch into a single indicator to guide your trading.


  • Combine multiple strategies.
  • Utilize machine learning and other quantitative techniques to combine signals.
  • Highly systematic approach with no human emotion.
  • No trend predicting or complicated human analysis.
  • Combine human intuition and quantitative trading for best results.
  • Reduced time manually looking at charts and searching for trade setups.
  • Use other econimic data from the economic calendar to imrove your strategy.

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Optimize and test your strategy thoroughly using our eleven years plus of historical signals available to your through our API. Understand the true historical performance of your strategy before investing real money. Gain access to eleven years of historical economic news to quantitatively understand how it impacts forex markets.
Trading strategies based only on technical analysis suffer from poor live trading performance as they do not effectively take into account current economic conditions. Design more intelligent trading strategies that consider current market news and trend with macro economic trends.
Our API offers full integration with Python and MQL programming languages letting you thoroughly bactest your strategy in your desired language and trade it live.
We provide our historical backtesting API absolutely free, meaning you get access to eleven years plus of predictive news signals to develop, test and improve your trading strategy.
By signing up you also have the option to let us trade your money for you as a managed account. We have our own proprietry trading algorithms that use QuantForexTrading API to make smart trading decisions to deliver a portfolio of profitable trading strategies.
Remove the uncertainty when trading live by thoroughly understanding the true historical performance of your trading strategy. Signals based on historic news releases are not easy to obtain with other trading platforms. We make it easy to backtest your strategy using our library of predictive signals based on news releases.
By basing your strategy on economic news rather than pure technical analysis, you have advantage of repeatable trade setups that are driven by market news rather than an arbitrary candlestick pattern. Strategies that incorporate current economic news into their trading plan benefit from a higher degree of predictability in market movement by following macro economic trends, leading to sustained long term profits. Market reaction to different kinds of economic news have a much more predictable outcome.
All of our predictive signals come with associated probabilities of market movement along with historical accuracy of the model that produced the prediction. This allows you to make smart trading decisions based on real world events that have a known association with a given market movement by reading current market macro economic data.